WomenFolk of the UnderGround Forest


Solo Exhibition             Welancora Gallery              Brooklyn,  NY 


20180907_133727-1-1                                                             WomenFolk i Crown Series

I’ll share a common thread with you with quote by writer Toni Cade Bambara from the chapter On the Issue of Roles from The Black Woman: An Anthology :                                             “The revolution begins with the self,  in the self. We’d better take time  to fashion revolutionary selves, revolutionary lives, revolutionary relationships. Mouth don’t win the war “

Inspired,  through collage. I produced the WomenFolk of the UnderGround Forest,  continuing the theme on the metamorphosis within the realms of a woman’s soul, the beauty of their selves, recovered and restored from life’s obstacles and achievements.

The WomenFolk are part of a current new work,  The WomenFolk i Crown Series. I present their bodies adorned with the smaller case alphabet letter i,  mainly on the arm and hand /fist symbolizing the powerful independence of the self. Outlines of the bodies represent deities of the soul self. The Womenfolk wear their crowns for the victory, glory, honor of wellbeing in the seasons of revolution.


WomanFolk i Crown Series: Enlightened
Womanfolk i Crown Series: Enlightened


WomenFolk i Crown Series

WomanFolk With Peace*sold


WomenFolk i Crown Series*sold

WomanFolk Lotus Crown*sold


#1 WomanFolk With Broken Chain*sold






stove area detail in Qetello




Midsummer Brunch With Johanne Shakescene * sold


Tax Free Air

Tax Free Air * sold


another wedding
Another Wedding
New Moon*sold

“Clymenza is brilliant, her work magnificent. She has the eyes of an artist who can sculpt her ideas and create ancient goddesses of water, the moon and skies.  I’m crazy about her work!”  Geoffrey Holder 



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